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The next day, Chris slept in. He was having sort of a bad dream. He was dreaming: Well, Chris, now that I have another guy to care for me, I dont need you anymore. You can leave me forever! he dreamt Chrissy taunt. Chriss heart was crushed when he dreamt that and he woke up suddenly. He was in tears and called out, Come out, Teddiursa! When Teddiursa came out of its ball, Chris asked it for a hug.

Chrissy was at home grooming her Sentret when the phone rang. Chrissy answered, Hello, oh, hi Bryan! Bryan replied, Hows my cuddly Mareep? Just fine and wooly, Chrissy answered back. Chrissy heard the doorbell ring, and said, Look, Smoochum, I have to call you back. Someones at the door. Bryan nodded and they both hung up. Chrissy called back her Sentret and ran to the door. She opened it and said, What a surprise to see you, Chris. Come in! Chris came in with a serious face and his head bowed down looking at the floor as he walked to the couch. Chrissy was suspicious, and asked, Whats wrong, Chris? Is something the matter? Chris replied, You could say that. I just somethings bothering me. Chris broke down into tears. Chrissy sat down beside him, put her hand on his back and said, Whats bothering you? It seems serious. Ive hardly seen you like this.

I know Ive been acting like some kind of jealous guy around Bryan, and you may think that Im a pesky little cousin, but Im just doing it because, Chris explained with tears. Because what? Chrissy asked. Chris continued, because I care about you. I had a nightmare that you kicked me out of our life because you and Bryan were together and you didnt need me anymore! Chris broke into tears again after saying that. Chrissy asked, Why do you say that? Chris tried to get a hold of himself. He took a deep breath and said, In that dream you didnt want me anymore because you told me that Bryan was going to look after you from then on, and, And what? Chrissy asked. And I thought it really happened. I dont want to leave you. I thought that being together with Bryan would leave me out of the picture for good. Chris explained while sobbing. Chrissy said, Was that it? Oh, Chris, you know I would never do that. Even though Bryan and I are together, that doesnt mean that Im leaving you. Besides, youre my cousin. Even though I wanted to, our families wouldnt let that happen. What my point is, that well be together, no matter what happens. Chrissy smiled at Chris. Chris grinned back. They gave each other a big hug.

At that moment, Jared rings the doorbell. Chrissy answered it. Jared was kind of confused because of the way Chris looked. Whats wrong, pal? Jared asked Chris. Uh, Jared, it might be a good idea to leave Chris alone for now. Ill tell you the details in the kitchen. Chrissy told Jared.

Jared asked Chrissy, Whats going on here? Why does Chris look so glum? Chrissy replied, Chris felt insecure about me and Bryan going out, and he thought that Bryan would take his place. What do you mean by Bryan will take his place? Jared asked. I mean that Ill be hanging around Bryan instead of hanging around with him, that sort of thing. Chrissy explained. Jared nodded. Chrissy told Jared to stay in the kitchen while she checked up on Chris. Chrissy found Chris asleep on the couch with his Teddiursa by his side. Chrissy grinned and went to the hallway to get a blanket.

When Chris woke up, he called back his Teddiursa and looked for Chrissy. He found Chrissy in the kitchen having lunch with her parents and Jared. Come join us for lunch, Chrissys dad said. Chris nodded yes and sat down. Chrissy told me the whole story, Chrissys mom said, are you feeling better, Hon? Chris replied, Yeah, auntie, a little better. My mind isnt all cloudy anymore, but Im still a little shaken up.

After lunch, Jared and Chris went home. Jared asked Chris, Why would you ever think of such a thing like that? Chris shrugged. You know that Chrissy always bosses you around, but she never lets anything happen to you. And besides, youre cousins. Even though you want to get away from each other, something will always keep you together. Jared added. Youre right. Chrissys right. Its just that nightmare I had. It felt so real. I thought it actually happened. Chris said. The two kept quiet all the way home.