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Before you go to the forums there are things you should know:

  1. All Registration is Free.
  2. Respect the Forums.
  3. Respect the Members of the forum and they will Respect you.
  4. All Members must follow the rules of the forums.
  5. Do not post any volguar items.
  6. Do not Dis the forums.
  7. If you are booted from the forums do not complain.

If you follow all these statements.  You will be fine as a member.  But remember, "BEING A MEMBER OF THE FORUMS IS A PRIVLEDGE NOT RIGHT."  This is to everyone who is deciding to register as one of the member.  If you post regularly you will be rewarded.  You could even go up the ranks.  All members must follow the rules.  Even the highest ranked member are hit by the rules too.  If you remember everything stated here you can go far for each forum.

P.S:  If you have a forum you wish to add to the Anime Forum Alliance.  Email me at  I will review it.  And if I see people posting regularly.  I will put it on here.  Now Remember:  These MUST Anime Forums.  And Have Fun.




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