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Team Rocket Chronicals Installment 8
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<Koji> Welcome to the Installment 8 of the Team Rocket Chronicals. And here is the Narrator, he needs your money to keep this going on, just send $1.00 to the address to Mr. Narrator at the end of the installment.

<Narrator> Thanks for the intro Koji, however keep your money. That Money was thrown in as a Joke. But, today, I have in the studio, Takuya.

<Takuya> Hey All my Buddies out there.

<Narrator> Zoe,

<Zoe> Bonjourno.

<Narrator> JP,

<JP> Anyone want some Chocolate.

<Narrator> Kouichi

<Kouichi> Hey All.

<Narrator> And Tommy.

<Tommy> Hey.

<Narrator> Well since that intro took too long, the next Installment, is going to have the rest of the Installment from Installment 7. I would thank the cast of Digimon Frontier for being here. I didn't think that this intro was going to take so long. I am sorry to inconvience you guys.

<Takuya> It is just an honor just to be here with the you and to take part in a whole installment of the Team Rocket Chronicals.

<Narrator> Stay tuned for the next installment of the Team Rocket Chronicals and please exit to the left and take a nap to all the Digimon, Pokemon, and the The Anime Corner, Anime World Zone, and PGGamers members.