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Team Rocket Chronicals Installment 7
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Christina Applegate: Welcome to the Team Rocket Chronicals, and here to tell what happened last time is the Narrator.

Narrator: Thank-you for the intro, Christina Applegate. You may remember her from Married with Children as Kelly Bundy. Christina will be here after the installment to give the last words.

Christina: Thank-you for being so Kind. But, you better get back to the last time segment.

Narrator: Alright, (sighs) last time on the Team Rocket Chronicals, Jessie and James, went to prepare for their biggest Pokemon battle ever! They are now in the under ground pathway.

Jessie: Well here we are. I seemed to have left my key card in the center. Do you mind James.

James: No,

Jessie: Take THIS! (Hits James on head with a Mallet)

James: O...O..kay. Just don't hit me again.

Christina Applegate: Battle for the Heads of the White Lines Part 2.

James: Let's see. Here it is.

(Door Opens, JESSIE, JAMES, and MEOWTH are amazed.)

Meowth: Meowth! I bet you could fit four of the Viridian City Gyms in it.

Cassidy: Oh, lookie who we have here.

Butch: Yeah.

Cassidy: Well, it looks like the boss got the freakazoid Jessie.

Jessie: Cassidy, you better shut up because your a lowly black liner scum.

Butch: And the scuzball of a guy, James.

James: And it's the stupid, no talented Black Liner, Botch.

Butch: That's Butch, you igneramus.

James: So, how is the battle Going down.

Cassidy: I dunno, why don't you ask, the smart idiot Jessie.

Jessie: Watch It.

Giovanni: Hold it right There you four fools.

Jessie: G..

Cassidy: io...

James: Van...

Butch: Ni...

Jessie, James, Cassidy, Butch, and Meowth: Giovanni!

Giovanni: Thats right, so you better prepare for Trouble and make mine Triple, So you better be ready to fight, because that is right!

Jessie: Boss, so how is the match going down.

James: Yeah.

Giovanni: Well, if you must know, it will be a tag team Pokemon Battle. You can only use ONE Pokemon. And the team of Pokemon with both Pokemon unable to battle the other team is the winner and will be my new White Liners Heads.

James: Okay.

Butch: Sure.

Jessie: Gotcha.

Cassidy: I am going to take you down.

Narrator: This is where I usually step in but, I will be hand this over to Christina Applegate. Christina?

Christina: Ok, Whoa that Cassidy has some nerve. I hope Jessie and James can take James and Butch down. But stay tuned for the next installment of the TEAM ROCKET CHRONICALS. Okay how was that?

Narrator: That was just perfect-o.

Christina: Well it was wasn't it. Maybe I think I should take over your job.

Narrator: Well don't go that far. On the next Installment. Takuya, Zoe, Koji, JP, Tommy, and Kouichi will be guest staring. So keep tuning in.