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Team Rocket Chronicals Installment 6
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Narrator: Last time on the TEAM ROCKET CHRONICALS, Jessie and James got stopped by Yami Pharaohess, aka. Billy's Big Sister. Jessie and James battled for their Pokemon. So Jessie used her, new Pokemon MARRIL, and James used his new Pokemon PIKACHU. And now they are on their way to GOLDEN ROD CITY.

Yami Pharaohess: Battle for the Head of the White Liners Part 1.

Jessie: James, pull out your Poke-dex.

James: Wha, Why should I, you have your own Poke-dex.

Jessie: Do it, or get a knuckle sandwich.

James: Yee. Ok. Ok let me see. Poke-dex, pull up map. It looks like we are here and we are about aproxamately 1/2 mile from GOLDEN ROD CITY.

Jessie: Alright 1/2 mile til we get to a shower.


James: Well, we're here.

Jessie: Let's go to the Pokemon Center.

Joy: Bonjour, and welcome to the the GOLDEN ROD CITY POKEMON CENTER. How may I help you?

Jessie: Will please check out my Pokemon:
and Wobbuffet.

Joy: Ok, just let me see your Pokeballs. You will get them back in about 45 mins.

Jessie: Thank-you.

Joy: Bonjour Miseour. Welcome to the GOLDEN ROD CITY POKEMON CENTER. How may I help you?

James: Will you check out and heal my Pokemon:
and Weezing?

Joy: Sure, I will. It will be about 20. Chansey.

Pokedex: Chansey--The egg Pokemon. Chansey is a nursing kinda pokemon. Chansey is the only pokemon besides MEW to use Soft Boiled.

Chansey: Chansey, Chansey.

Joy: Chansey, take care of these Poke-balls, please.

Chansey: Chansey, Chansey.

James: Jessie, so how are you.

Jessie: Much better, I think we should at least let the boss know we are in GOLDEN ROD CITY.

James: Let's go the phones.

Jessie: Well, 10 cents not bad.

Giovanni: Who is this?

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Giovanni: What do you want!

James: Me and Jessie, are here in GOLDEN ROD CITY.

Jessie: Yeah, and we are letting you know that we will be battling tomorrow ok.

Giovanni: OK!

Jessie: Good-bye

James: Good-bye

Giovanni: Good-bye (shuts off phone) And Good Riddens.

James: That sounds means my Pokemon are ready.

Joy: Here you go. All your Pokemon are healthier.

James: Thank-you Nurse Joy. (Kisses her)

Joy: (Smacks him.) Your Welcome for for healing your pokemon, but no thank-you for the kiss.

James: Sorry for that.

Joy: That's Ok.

James: Well, Do you have any rooms available for the night.

Joy: Sure. How many will be staying in your room?

James: Two Pokemon Trainers.

Joy: Ok 1 Double Room. Your Room is 225. And please give this second key to the other trainer.

James: Ok.

Jessie: Hey, where were you.

James: Here.

Jessie: It's a key.

James: It's a key for our room.

Joy: (on the PA) Will Pokemon Trainer Jessie, please come to the main desk your Pokemon are ready.

James: Well, you go and I will get the room ready.

Jessie: Ok.

Narrator: Jessie and James spending the night in one room. Will they surrvive that and get enought sleep for the huge Pokemon battle. Find out on Part two of this Installment of the TEAM ROCKET CHRONICALS.