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Team Rocket Chronicals Installment 3
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Narrator: As we last left our theives, Jessie and James added two new Pokemon to their team. Those Pokemon were Pikachu and Poliwhirl.

Pikachu: Pikachu Poliwhirl: Poliwhirl

Poke-Dex: Pikachu--The Electric Mouse Pokemon. Do not grab a Pikachu's tail unless you want the shock of your life.
Poliwhirl--The Tadpole Pokemon. When Poliwag evolves into Poliwhirl, it gains arms so it can swim faster in the water.

Narrator: They also bought a Poke-dex and got free items as well. Now, our Pokemon Theives are heading to their next town.

Jessie: Well I got those two tickets for a tour of the Golden Rod City Radio Tower.

Narrator: Golden Rod City--The Biggest City in the Johto Region.
Golden Rod City Radio Tower--Place of a Television/Radio Station. Alot of Celebrities are there every day to make the best TV/Radio Station for all the Johto Region.

James: Well, I guess We should go.

Meowth: Meowth! You are not stuffing in that Normal Ball Again.

Narrator: Sorry I forgot to metion this in the last installment.
Normal Ball--Good For Capturing a Normal Pokemon. Kurt's Custom Made Poke-ball Shop makes them from the WHT Apricorn.

Jessie: Well, it's that or you will have to remain roaming the streets of Golden Rod City.

James: That's Right!

Meowth: Well, I guess It will be the Normal Ball Again.

James: I hear a Pokemon in the bushes.

Jessie: I wonder what Pokemon it is.

Doduo: Do-Do-Do

James: Let's me check with Dexter.

Poke-Dex: Doduo--The Twin headed bird Pokemon. DoDuo may look cool, however the heads of Doduo get into a fight, they can be stoped by feeding it Golden Bird Seed Do-Do.

James: Go Ultraball! Alright I captured Doduo. A new Pokemon for us to use for theiving Jessie.

Jessie: Good Idea, I will capture the next Pokemon we encounter.

(Bushes Rustling.)

Jessie: I hope this one will be a tough one.

Narrator: What will the Pokemon that Jessie will capture. Find out in the next installment of Team Rocket Chronicals.