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Team Rocket Chronicals Installment 2
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Narrator: When we last left our Team they were getting away with stealing Pokemon from a Pokemon Trainer named Billy Bastnaut. Will Team Rocket be able to get away with this doubious deed, find out on today's installment of the Team Rocket Chronicals.

(Opening Theme Plays)

Jessie: Now, let's get outta here. Arbok Return.

James: Weezing use smokescreen, now!

Weezing: Weezing!

James: Weezing Return!

Meowth: Meowth! We got us two new pokemon.

James: I think I will take this one.

(James takes the Time Ball)

Jessie: And I will take this one I guess.

(Jessie takes the Love Ball)

James: Let's check to see what Pokemon we have.

Jessie: Ok. Love Ball Go

Pikachu: Pikachu.

Jessie: I got a cute little Pikachu! Come here cutie. Whose my little cupcake. Whose my little baby.

Pikachu: (Laughingly) Pikachu!

James: Well, I guess it's my turn. Go TIME BALL.

Narrator: Time Ball is a new type of Poke-Ball from Ruby and Sapphire. It can also be seen in Pokemon 4 Ever as Sammy, aka Professor Oak from his kid years, calls out his Charmander.

Poliwhirl: Poliwhirl!

James: I got a Poliwhirl!

Narrator: Jessie has three Pokemon with her and they are:
Arbok (when each pokemon is called they speak their names)
and Pikachu
James has four Pokemon. The three that are with James are:
and Poliwhirl.
James also has a Growlithe name Growlie, however, Growlie remains at home keeping company to his parents.

James: Let's use these Pokemon to get more Pokemon.

Jessie: You got that right, James.

Meowth: Meowth, You guys better check up on Poliwhirl on a Poke-Dex.

Narrator: Poke-Dex, a tool used to help trainers gain knowledge about Pokemon the caught or Pokemon they see in the wild. Can be very helpful to learn the types of the Pokemon of their rivals so they can line up a good type to win a Pokemon Battle.

James: I think they sell them in that town up ahead. I think that town is called Rainbow Village.

Jessie: Well Then, I guess it's time to go to Raibow Village.

(Jessie, James, and Meowth run toward Rainbow Village.)

Jessie: Let's get to the local Poke-Mart. That is where we can purchase a Poke-Dex.

James: To The POKE-MART!

Jessie: Let's go in.

James: Let's look for a Poke-Dex Version 3.

Meowth: Meowth! Let Me Go.

Jessie: What is going on?

James: Yeah!

Bob: Well, you can bring in a loose Pokemon inside this Poke-Mart. All Pokemon must remain inside a Poke-Ball at all times.

Jessie: Ok. James call him back.

James: I don't have a Poke-ball for Meowth.

Jessie: Oh well, let's use my extra one. Normal Ball Go!

James: Ok. Here a Poke-Dex. Well, I think we should each get one. Jessie, you should get a Version 3, and I will get a Version 3 as well.

Jessie: Why.

James: Well, with each Poke-dex you get a set of 5 different complentary Poke-balls. You receive 1 Poke-ball.

Narrator: Poke-ball--used to capture wild Pokemon to train them.

James: 2 Great Balls.

Narrator: Great Ball--better at capturing a wild Pokemon, than a Poke-ball.

James: 1 Ultra Ball.

Narrator: Ultra Ball--better at capturing a wild Pokemon, than a Great Ball.

James: And 1 Master Ball.

Narrator: Master Ball--A Trainer has a 100% chance of catching a Pokemon.

Jessie: Yeah, that way we can get a lot more Pokemon to add to our team.

James: Ok, Bob, I will take this Poke-Dex.

Bob: Oh, Version 3, you must want the best and new Pokedex. You want be a Pokemon Master. All Poke-Dexes purchased at any of the Poke-Marts receives 1 Poke-Ball, 2 Great Balls, 1 Ultra Ball, 1 Master Ball, and a coupon to be redeemed at Golden Rod City's Radio Tower for the Version 4 Beta. Let's see, you total for the Poke-dex is $25.

James: Ok, $25, and here is a $1 for your tip for perfect service.

Bob: Thank you.

James: No Problem.

Jessie: Ok, Bob, I am also getting a Poke-Dex Version 3.

Bob: Your total is also $25, and you also get the complentary stuff, plus all females get 2 free Tickets for a tour of the Golden Rod City Radio Tower.

Jessie: Here you go $25, plus a $2 tip.

Bob: Thank You Please come again.

Jessie: Go. Meowth.

Meowth: Meowth! Why did you use that Normal Ball.

Jessie: I had to or we wouldn't get that Poke-dex.

(Meowth scratches Jessie and James's Face.)

Narrator: What will be the next Team Rocket Pokemon. Find out on the next installment of The TEAM ROCKET CHRONICALS. And remember, this Fanfic doesn't end until Jessie and James are killed or vanish with out a trace.