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Team Rocket Chronicals Installment 1
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Narrator: You are about to take a journey. A Journey that will take in the lives of Three Pokemon Theives. First of all, there is a girl named Jessie, she is very into her looks. She is very vague about her looks so if you see her, don't say she is ugly. Next, there's James, he may be a man, but he let's Jessie to walk all over him. And Finally, there is a wise mouth Pokemon, Meowth. Meowth may be a wise mouth, but he is still vulnerabilty by getting beat up by Jessie and James. Now we open the the first place by starting with Jessie and James being lost in the forest.

James: Do you know where we are.

Jessie: No. Don't you?

Meowth: Leave it to a bunch of humans to get us lost.

(Jessie and James wack Meowth on the head.)

Jessie: What's that sound?

Meowth: It's a trainer.

James: Let's hide in the bushes and attack him.

(Jessie, James, and Meowth hides in the bushes.)

Billy: Oh, Mudkip look at all the battles we won, and the badges.

Jessie: Stop right there!

James: You better beware!

Jessie: To protect the world from devistation!

James: To unite all people within our nation!

Jessie: To denounce the evils of truth and love!

James: To extend our reach from the stars above!

Jessie: Jessie!

James: James!

Jessie: Team Rocket blasts off at the speed of light!

James: Surrender now or prepare to fight!

Meowth: Meowth! That's Right, and now we are going ot take all your Pokemon!

Jessie: Go Arbok.

Wobbuffet: Wobbuffet.

Jessie: Get back in you Pokeball! Go Arbok!

Arbok: Char-bok! Char-bok!

James: Go Weezing, Weezing use Smoke SCREEN.

Weezing: Weezing! (Dispurses its Smoke Screen)

Jessie: Arbok, get his pokeballs.

(Arbok retreives Billy's Pokeballs and Digs underground.)

Narrator: Will Team Rocket steal Billy's Pokemon successfully. Or will Billy get his Pokemon Back. Will Wobbuffet ever come out on cue, find out in the next installment of the Team Rocket Chronicals.