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Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire: TMs/HMs
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This is the list of the TMs.  The Description from the game.  However, some of the TMs on this list have ?? are unknown.  Please note, that the ?? TMs will be added as soon as I can get them.

TM01  Focus Punch - If you take damage, you flinch and cannot attack 
TM02  Dragon Claw - Hooks and Slashes the foe with long, sharp claws.
TM03  Water Pulse - Generates the an ultrasonic wave that may confuse.
TM04  Calm Mind - Raises SP. ATK and SP. DEF by focusing the wind.
TM05  Roar - A savage roar that makes the foe flee to end the battle.
TM06  Toxic - Poisons the foe with a tozin that gradually worsens.
TM07  Hail - Creates a hail storm.
TM08  Bulk Up - Bulks up the body to boost both ATTACK & DEFENSE.
TM09  Bullet Seed - Shoots 2 to 5 seeds in a row to strike the foe.
TM10  Hidden Power - The attack power varies among different POKEMON.
TM11  Sunny Day - Raises the power of FIRE-ype moves for 5 turns.
TM12  Taunt -
TM13  Ice Beam - Fires and icy cold beam that may freeze the foe.
TM14  Blizzard - A vicious snow-and-wind attack that may freeze the foe.
TM15  Hyper Beam - Powerful, but needs recharging the next turn.
TM16  Light Screen - Creats a wall of light that lowers SP. ATK damage.
TM17  Protect - Negates all damage, but may fail if used in succession.
TM18  Rain Dance - Raises the power of WATER-type moves for 5 turns.
TM19  Giga Drain - Recovers the half the HP of the damage this move inflicts.
TM20  Safeguard - Prevents status abnormality with a mystical power.
TM21  Frustration
TM22  Solar Beam - Asorbs sunlight in the 1st turn, the attacks next turn.
TM23  Iron Tail
TM24  Thunderbolt - A Strong electrical attack that my paralyze the foe.
TM25  Thunder - Strikes the foe with a thunderbolt.  It my paralyze.
TM26  Earthquake - Causes a quake that has no effect on flying foes.
TM27  Return - The more the user likes you, the more powerful this move
TM28  Dig
TM29  Psychic
TM30  Shadow Punch -
TM31  Brick Break - Destroys barriers like LIGHT SCREEN and causes damage.
TM32  Double Team - Creates illusory copies to enhance elusiveness.
TM33  Reflect - Creates a wall of light that weakens physical attacks.
TM34  Shock Wave - Zaps a foe with a jolt of electricity that never misses.
TM35  Flamethrower -
TM36  Sludge Bomb -
TM37  Sandstorm - Causes a sandstorm that hits the foe over several turns
TM38  Fire Blast - A powerful fire attack that may burn the foe.
TM39  Rock Tomb - Stops the foe from moving with rocks may lower SPEED.
TM40  Aerial Ace - An extremely fast attack that can't be avoided.
TM41  Torment
TM42  Facade - Raises ATTACK whe poisoned, burned, or paralyzed.
TM43  Secret Power - Adds and effect to attack depending on locations.
TM44  Rest - The user sleeps for 2 turns to restore health and status.
TM45  Attract - Makes it tough to attack a foe of the opposite gender.
TM46  Theif - While attacking, may steal the foe's held item.
TM47  Steel Wing - Spreads hard-edged wings and slams into the foe.
TM48  Skill Swap - Switches abilities with the foe on the turn this is used.
TM49  Snatch -
TM50  Overheat - Enables full-power  attack, but sharply lowers SP. ATK.
Note: TM 43 Secret Power, is needed to create a secret base.
HM01  Cut - Attacks the foe with sharp blades or claws
HM02  Fly - Flies up on the first turn, and attacks the next turn.
HM03  Surf - Creates a huge wave, the crashes it down on the foe.
HM04  Strength - Builds enormous power, then slams the foe.
HM05  Flash - Looses a powerful blast of light that reduces accuracy.
HM06  Rock Smash - A rock-crushingly tough attach that may lower DEFENSE.
HM07  Waterfall - Attacks the foe with enough power to climb waterfalls.
HM08  Dive - Dives underwater that 1st turn, and the attacks next turn.
Other Effects of HMs:
  • HM01  Cut - Can Cut small bushes and grasses.
  • HM02  Fly - Can fly to any city previously visited.
  • HM03  Surf - Allows you to travel on the water.
  • HM04  Strength - Allows you to move boulders.
  • HM05  Flash - Lightens up a darkened room.
  • HM06  Rock Smash - Smashes Smashable rocks.
  • HM07  Waterfall - Allows you to travel up a waterfall.
  • HM08  Dive - Allows you to go under the water.

Badges needed for HM Moves:
  • CUT - Stone Badge
  • FLY - Feather Badge
  • SURF - Balance Badge
  • STRENGTH - Heat Badge
  • FLASH - Knuckle Badge
  • ROCK SMASH - Dynamo Badge
  • DIVE - Mind Badge
  • WATERFALL - Rain Badge.