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Pokemon V. Whammy! The All New Press Your Luck: Round 2
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<PTX> Welcome Back to Whammy! It is now time to Play the Question Round. Where you will earn Spins to take in to the Final Round. Remember A Correct Buzz-in Answer. Are you ready to play the game.

<James, Ash, and Duplica Agrees>

<PTX> You All Know the Forums PGSForums, So here is your Question. Who Is the Member that Started PGSForums.

<Duplica Buzzes-in>

<PTX> Duplica

<Duplica> My answer is Gengar003.

<PTX> Is the Correct Answer: Gengar003, GlobalOne, Or Twisted Duelist. James?

<James> Gengar003

<PTX> Ash?

<Ash> I am going to Break Away for the Pack and Say GlobalOne.

<PTX> If I seen GlobalOne as the member the started the PGSForums I would have a Heart Attack. But the Right Answer is Gengar 003. James you go to 1 and Duplica with 3 Spins. Now It is time for a Whammy Flashback. What Movie had the Characters Magenta and Columbia.

<Duplica Buzzes In>

<PTX> Duplica?

<Duplica> The Rocky Horror Picture Show

<PTX> Is it: The Rocky Horror Picture Show, Shock Treatment, or Is is Gone With the Wind? James?

<James> The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

<PTX> Ash?

<Ash> The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

<PTX> Sure my Pokemon Contestants. It's the Rocky Horror Picture Show. James you go to 2 Spins. Ash to 1, and Duplica you now have 6 Spins. Now here is a new Question. Tea, Joey, or Tristan. Which one's Fave card is the Cyber Commander?

<Duplica Buzzes in>

<PTX> Duplica?

<Dupilca> Tristan

<PTX> Is the correct answer: Tristan, Tea, or Joey? James?

<James> Tristan

<PTX> Ash?

<Ash> Tristan

<PTX> Sure the Correct answer is Tristan Tayor. If you seen the Episode where their Spirits were placed in their cards. This Means James to 3. Ash to 2. And Dupilca 3. And here is Question #4. Here is a Team Rocket Question. Jessie and James are what type of Fighters in the Pokemon TCG?

<James Buzzes in>

<PTX> James

<James> Black Liners.

<PTX> Is the correct Answer: Black Liners, White Liners, or the Giovanni Force? Ash?

<Ash> Black Liners.

<PTX> Duplica.

<Duplica> Black Liners.

<PTX> Sure go with the Team Rocket Member who is Correct. James you go to 5 Ash to 3 and Duplica 10. And onto the Final Question. Yu-Gi-Oh is the Most Recent Show on the Kids WB Line up. Who is Yugi's Fave Card.

<Duplica Buzzes in>

<PTX> Duplica?

<Duplica> Dark Magician

<PTX> Is the Correct Answer: Dark Magician, Magician of Faith, or FlameSwordsman. James?

<James> Dark Magician

<PTX> Ash?

<Ash> Dark Magician

<PTX> Yep, that is the Answer the Dark Magician. James you go to 6, Ash to 4, and Duplica 13. We will be right Back for round three right after this.