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Here is the Real Motto the Jessie and James in the Pokemon Series.

Jessie:  Prepare for Trouble.
James:  And Make it Double.
Jessie:  To Protect the World from Devestation
James:  To Unite all People in our Nations.
Jessie:  To Denounce the Evils of Truth and Love
James:  To extend our Reach to the Stars above.
Jessie:  Jessie
James:  James.
Jessie:  Team Rocket Blasts off at the Speed of light.
James:  Surrender now or perpare to fight,
Wobbuffet:  Wobuff....
Meowth:  Meowth that's Right.
***Wobbuffet was not in the original Motto.  But he was added to the Motto during Pokemon Johto.  Neat Huh?
Note:  I will get the Ash, Misty, Brock, and Duplica's version from the Ditto's Myesterious Mansion Episode Ok Pokemon Trainer X.