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To download any of this Music click on it.  If you want to have this music on you computer permenately just right click and go to "Save FIle as" or Save Taget AS" Thank you Pokemon Trainer X

Pokemon Japan's TV Theme

Orange Islands TV Theme

Johto League Champion TV Theme

To be a Master

Double Trouble

What kind of Pokemon are You?

On the Road to Viridian City

Pikachu, I choose You!

Poke-Rap 1

Two Perfect Girls

Jilly Puff Sings


Team Rocket Motto Song

Original Pokemon Tv Theme

Johto Journeys TV Theme

Misty's Song

Together Forever

Pokemon Dance Mix

The Game

Song of Jigglypuff

You and Me and Pokemon

Poke-Rap 2

Pikachu's Good-Bye


Best Friends

Master Quest TV Theme