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PPW Pika-World News!
11-16-04:  We are officially moving for to a new home, to http://pikaworld1.envy.nu/, thank you.  For your support, the new Poke-dex link is now up!
I now want to formally announce, that Pikachu's Pokemon World will be negotiating with ::Pokemon Land:: to form an alliance, we will keep you updated with all the inforamtion asap.  There is no definite, alliance just yet.  And finally check the TV Guide for this week's episodes.
~Pokemon Trainer X~


Pokemon of the Week:
This week's Pokemon is Pikachu.
Pokemon Card of the Week:
This week's Pokemon Card is the Pikachu from the Base Set.

Up Coming Pokemon Events:
  • January 25, 2005: Pokemon Advanced Volume: 7 & 8 releasal.
  • February 22, 2005: Pokemon Master Quest Box Set 2 releasal.
  • April 2005:  Pokemon Emerald releasal.
Pokemon Color Code
Blue => Episode DVDs
Red => Pokemon Games
Green => Pokemon Specials

Pokemon TV Guide:
Mon-Fri: 3:00 & 3:30 PM EST
Sat: 8:00 & 10:00 AM EST
November 15:
3:00: Pokemon! I Chose You!
3:30: Maxxed Out
November 16:
3:00: Extreme Pokemon
3:30: Pros and Con Artists
November 17:
3:00: The Ties That Bind
3:30: Come What May!
November 18:
3:00: Can't Beat the Heat
3:30: Cheer Pressure!
November 19:
3:00: Game Winning Assist
3:30: Fight for the Meteorite
November 20:
8:00: Poetry in Commotion
10:00: Going, Going, Yawn

Removed from
line-up indefinitely!

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Top 10 Pokemon
of 2003:
10.) Blastoise
09.) Latias
08.) Latios
07.) Mudkip
06.) Torchic
05.) Blaziken
04.) Squirtle
03.) Treecho
02.) Charizard
01.) Pikachu